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News Update



F.A.C.E. Donates A Wedge!

Recently, some of the committee members of F.A.C.E. (Fundraising in Arboleas, Caring for Everyone) went along to the Adelante Gimnasia Artistica, Arboleas to meet Stacy Smith and some of her trainee gymnasts. F.A.C.E. were actually there to present a wedge, not of money, although it did cost €708, but a Gymnastic Wedge Mat that will assist in the training of the youngsters that use the gym.

The Adelante Gimnasia Artistica, Arboleas, is a non profit making organisation that is available for use for children throughout the local area.

It proved impossible to obtain the type of wedge that was required by the gymnasium in Spain, however F.A.C.E. was able to locate a manufacturer in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, they wanted to charge over €400 to ship it to Spain. However fortunately a knight in shining armour came to the rescue and F.A.C.E. would like to thank Les of DNL Transport who picked the wedge up in the United Kingdom and transported it back to Spain free of charge. 

Charity Clothes Sale.

Members of F.A.C.E. (Fundraising in Arboleas, Caring for Everyone) were very pleased with the result of the clothes sale that was held recently at the Saturday Los Llanos Market in Arboleas. A total of €103-65 was raised. All the clothes had been donated by friends and supporters of F.A.C.E. and the pitch was donated by Jacqui and Jamie Durney of Android Man. This means the entire total of money will be used for future charitable causes.

New F.A.C.E. President Carrie Green said that she was very pleased with the first event organised under her stewardship and she would like to thank the donators, the supporters and the sponsors and Smooth fm Radio for all their assistance in making this event possible. 

The next big event that F.A.C.E. will be organising will be the Annual Summer Fair, which will be held at the Hostel Meson in Arboleas, provisionally on Friday evening 23rd June.


F.A.C.E.Valentine's Day Quiz. 

The ladies (and one gentleman) of F.A.C.E. (Fundraising in Arboleas, Caring for Everyone) organised a fabulous quiz night using St Valentine's as the main theme. 

The quiz was held on the night of St Valentine's, at the Bar Kubatin which is underneath the Hostel Meson in Arboleas.

The quiz master was F.A.C.E. Committee Member Zoe West, who along with new President Carrie Green, devised over 100 questions which related to St Valentine's Day and included questions on music, films general knowlege and literature. 

Eleven teams of between three and six persons entered the event. The winners of the Wooden Spoon "Carrie's Dusty Boots", comprising of Ann and Roger Green, Helen Simpson and Eleanor Tolman, actually created a record on this occasion as this was the fourth time they had the "honour" of collecting the Wooden Spoon. The winning team on the night was "The Paddles", comprising of Ann and David Steen, Ed and Linda Smyth Masson, Eve Morgan and Dave Walker, and they won a prize of €40. 

In addition to the quiz there was also a raffle for prizes that had been donated by some of F.A.C.E.'s supporters and sponsors. The charity would also like to thank the sponsors of each individual quiz round on the night. They were Smooth fm Radio, Angels Nursing Group, Sol Yoga Centre, Almería Bowling Centre and Total Entertainment of Albox and Arboleas.  

The main aim  was of course to raise money for the various charities which F.A.C.E. supports on an ongoing basis. In this they were successful in raising €311. However the winning "Paddles" team very graciously decided to donate their prize back to the charity, making the grand total raised € 351.

F.A.C.E. Raffle Winner Found.

 The Winner of the F.A.C.E. (Fundraising in Arboleas, Caring for Everyone) Christmas Raffle, proved to be a little difficult to contact this year. Normally the charity telephones all the Prize Winners, as soon as the raffle has been drawn. This year the charity kept drawing a blank everytime they tried to contact Belgian Winners Frans Desmet and Piler Oripo. The reason being that Frans and Piler of El German, Arboleas, had been very early purchasers of the winning raffle ticket and in the meantime they had changed their telephone and consequently their telephone number. Fortunately the F.A.C.E. Committee Member who had originally sold them the tickets remembered selling tickets to the couple, and when parking in Arboleas, happened to park next to Frans and Piler. The Committee Member asked their names, and when asked they just happened to produce the winning ticket enabling them to collect the main prize of €200. 

Piler and Frans lived in Belgium, near Bruges, until they moved to Arboleas 5 years ago. This was the first time they had purchased F.A.C.E. Christmas Raffle tickets and although over the years they have won small prizes in various raffles, this is the first time they have won any major prize. 

The presentation of the cheque was made in Pablo's Bar Arboleas. 

F.A.C.E. Christmas Market Raises Over €2,800! 

The F.A.C.E. (Fundraising in Arboleas, Caring for Everyone) Christmas Market took place in an specially erected marquee in front of the Ayuntamiento in Arboleas on Friday Evening 2nd December. 

The Market opened to the public at 6-00pm and was officially opened by Arboleas Deputy Mayor, Roger Done, and F.A.C.E. President, Adele Wrigglesworth.

The whole evening entertainment was provided by Smooth fm presenters Ray Peters and Jack Savage with assistance from Carole Brumwell. A dance exhibition was performed by "Carrie's Dusty Boots" using traditional dances to Christmas music. A Pearly King and Queen were also present in the shape of Jon & Josette Arrowsmith. Of course was the most important person for this time of year Santa Claus was also in attendance. 

Throughout the evening various "Christmas Presents" were donated to different organisations. The Grupo Scout 106 de Saliente received €500. The "Little Owls" received €500, A.L.C.E.R (Asociación para la Lucha Contra Las Enfermadades del Riñon) Charity received € 1,000 and finally M.A.C.S. (Mojacar Area Cancer Support received €500. 

The Grand Christmas Draw Prize of €200 was won by Fran Desmet. 

The Total amount of money raised by the event was €2,864.04

F.A.C.E. would like to thank the Ayuntamiento of Arboleas for their continued support. They would also like to thank all the market traders, sponsors and volunteers for their support as well. Finally F.A.C.E would like to thank all members of the general public without whose support it would not exist. 

A.E.C.C. Receive Double Whammy! 

To mark the end of the Spanish National Cancer month of October, the A.E.C.C (Asociación Española Contra El Cancer) was visited by two local groups of people recently at their office in Albox. To increase the interest in the visit both groups came bearing gifts, giving the A.E.C.C. a double whammy! 

The first group was from the Almería Bowling Centre in Los Llanos, Arboleas. The Bowling Alley's General Manager, Rafael Aranda Amate and Staff Member Helen Simpson were visiting to present the A.E.C.C. with cash and a cheque to the value of €607. This had been raised during a special Bowling for Cancer Day, which had been raised earlier in the year, 

The second group was from F.A.C.E. (Fundraising in Arboleas, Caring for Everyone), represented by Vice President Carrie Green. This was to make a presentation of a cheque for €1,000.  

The A.E.C.C. is a national Spanish cancer support group, which operates telephone lines and a website, from which cancer sufferers, their families and the general public can obtain information about cancer. The charity also provides accommodation for cancer patients and support for the mobile breast screening units that can regularly be seen in the towns and villages throughout the Almanzora Valley. 

Box Office Raises €252 From F.A.C.E. Movie Quiz Night.

Once again, the Committee of F.A.C.E. (Fundraising in Arboleas, Caring for Everone) organised another great night of entertainment in the form of a quiz with the theme of "A Night at the Movies". The quiz was held at the Bar Kubatin, underneath the Hostel Meson in Arboleas. 

The quiz and quiziter of the night was F.A.C.E. Committee Member Zoe West, who had devised 6 rounds of questions, including a picture round, a music round, a dingbats round and various other rounds including Disney, relating to various movies and movie related trivia. 

Eight teams entered the event with between three and six persons in each team. The Winners of the Wooden Spoon was won for the third out of four times by the team of "Dusty Boots" comprising of Eleanor Tolman, Margaret Farmery and Helen Simpson. The Winners of the event were team "Universally Challenged" made up of family members Fran and Rob McCann and Claire and Danny Findlay-Smith. They received €30 plus wine. 

In addition to the quiz, there was also a raffle for prizes that had been donated by some of F.A.C.E.'s supporters and sponsors. The charity would like to thank all their sponsors on the night. They were UK Satellite Solutions, The Sol Yoga Centre, Almeria Bowling Centre, The Angels Nursing Group and the Mini Cinema, Albox who all sponsored one of the quiz rounds. 

The main aim was of course to raise money for the various charities which  F.A.C.E. supports on an ongoing basis. In this they were successful raising Box Office receipts of €252.

F.A.C.E. Start Their New Autumn Campaign. 

After a short Summer break F.A.C.E. (Fundraising in Arboleas, Caring for Everyone) started their new Autumn fundraising and donating campaign - in the middle of August! 

The first lucky recipient of the charities benevolence this year was Harmony Community Support which was presented with cups, saucers, a tea pot, sugar basins and plates for its Harmony Haven drop in centre. This is a refreshment area which has been reserved within the C.A.T. Services building in La Alfoquia. Here volunteers are more than happy to chat to people to assist with problems, over a cup of tea and a slice of cake. Harmony are more than willing to try and help people with information and guidance to those in need it through ill health, bereavement and other difficult situations. For further information on Harmony Community Support, please ring 634 339 192 between the hours of

11-00am and 2-00pm or contacy them by e-mail at help@harmonycharity,com 

F.A.C.E. continue with the fund raising part of their duties on Tuesday Evening 13th September, when they will be hosting a quiz night at the Bar Kubatin, underneath the Hostel Meson in Arboleas. The Quiz will commence at 7-00pm and will have a Movie theme throughout the evening. F.A.C.E. have held several of these previously, using different theme's and they have all been successful. If you would like to find out more about F.A.C.E. and its work, or you would like further information on its forthcoming quiz, please ring Adele Wrigglesworth on telephone number 667 255 094 or look at the F.A.C.E. Web Page at www.face-charity.com or at the F.A.C.E. Facebook page.  

Little Owls Hooting With Delight.

F.A.C.E. (Fundraising in Arboleas, Caring for Everyone) continued their Summer Season of giving, by donating €500 to the "LIttle Owls" at the Azabache Hostel in Arboleas, recently. 

The "Little Owls" is a voluntary practical support group, providing emotional and practical support to people who are living with terminal illness, those who are bereaved, or who are simply lonely. In fact "Little Owls" will try to assist anyone who may need help in the Arboleas, Albox and Partaloa areas.

"Little Owls" can provide a listening ear, and also help to talk through any worries a person might have. The group can provide information on local services available to those needing further help, and can also offer practical assistance in the form of shopping, ironing, and assisting people to visit hospitals or doctors. 

For those that need it, the group can also provide companionship by dropping in to some one's home, maybe just for a cup of tea or coffee and a little chat. The group can also provide various items of equipment such as Zimmer frames, commodes and wheelchairs on a short term basis. 

Finally "Little Owls" can also offer carers a short break from their caring roles, even if it is only for a few hours a week. Being able to leave your loved ones with some one you can trust can make such a big difference. 

If you would like assistance from "Little Owls" or just want more information, please e-mail littleowls@hotmail.es 

F.A.C.E. has supported "Little Owls" for several years now and is pleased to continue this association with "Little Owls" by making this €500 donation. F.A.C.E. hopes that this affiliation will continue long into the future. 

Should you be interested in joining F.A.C.E., or would like further information regarding their aims and achievements, please contact Adele Wrigglesworth (F.A.C.E. President) on telephone number 667 255 094, or visit the F.A.C.E. Facebook page or the website at www.face-charity.com.   


F.A.C.E. Keep Giving!

Although F.A.C.E. (Fundraising in Arboleas, Caring for Everyone) have unfortunately had to cancel this years annual Summer Market which was to have been held on the 1st July, due to circumstances beyond the groups control, their programme of donations will continue as usual. 

The first of the Summer donations was made recently to M.A.C.S. (Mojacar Area Cancer Support) at the M.A.C.S. shop in Turre. A new mobile clothes rail was donated to M.A.C.S President Elaine Brown and in addition  €1,000 was also donated. 

The M.A.C.S. shop in Turre was the original shop to open under the M.A.C.S. brand name. Since first opening, three other shops in Mojacar, Huercal Overa and Albox, have also opened. F.A.C.E. has provided support towards the opening of each of the shops. The long term aim of the shops is to raise enough funds that a hospice can be opened somewhere within the Mojacar/Almanzora Valley area, that will be able to support people that suffer from Cancer.

M.A.C.S already supports many Cancer sufferers throughout the region by providing home support and advice, transport, translation services and equipment, and many of its services are provided free of charge to the patient, so the funds raised by the four shops are vital to M.A.C.S's present commitments as well as to it's long term aims of opening a hospice. 

The Turre shop is now looking a little tired and needs a little bit of love and attention. F.A.C.E. have donated the €1,000 towards a refurbishment of the shop, which hopefully will help the shop to continue to raise funds for Cancer sufferer's. 

Both M.A.C.S. and F.A.C.E. are desperate for more volunteeers to help both organisations to continue their good works. If you would like to become a volunteer for M.A.C.S. and have a few hours a week to spare and feel that you could be of use to the organisation, please call into any one of the M.A.C.S shops where they will be only to pleased to welcome you and answer any questions you may have. If you would like to join the enthusiastic group of Fundraisers that is F.A.C.E. please ring Adele Wrigglesworth (President) on telephone number 667 255 094. For further information on F.A.C.E please take a look  Face book page.


Scouts Celebrate 100th Birthday.

Although the Scouts are well known and recognised throughout the whole world, their presence in this part of Spain is not so well known about. In fact there are several Scout groups not only in Almería, but throughout Andalucía. However the Albox Grupo Scout 106 del Saliente is a little bit special this year because not only is it the only Almería group based outside of Almería City   it is also celebrating it's 100th Birthday. 

The Albox group comprises of over 90 youngsters, both Spanish and English speaking, and their Headquarters is the group of Rondel Buildings situated below the old bridge in Albox adjacent to the new childrens park. 

This year there will be many different ways in which their Centenary Birthday year will be celebrated. One of these events was held on Saturday 23rd April when approxiamately 1,500 scouts converged on Albox which hosted the XXV Festival de la Canción ASDE Scouts de Andalucía. 

The event was attended by various scout officials and troups including a British group from the Costa del Sol. Also in attendance was the Mayor of Albox, Sonia Cerdán, British Councillor Maura Hillen and F.A.C.E. (Fundraising in Arboleas, Caring for Everyone). 

At the Inaugaration Ceremony F.A.C.E. President Adele Wrigglesworth accompanied by Richard Tolman, presented members of Grupo Scout 106 del Saliente with a Birthday present of four tents. The group was also presented with a Commemorative Certificate by the British group of scouts from the Costa del Sol. 

The afternoon was full of singing and dancing and enjoyed by all present. What a great way to celebrate the start of a great 100th Birthday year.

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