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F.A.C.E. Donates A Wedge!


Recently, some of the committee members of F.A.C.E. (Fundraising in Arboleas, Caring for Everyone) went along to the Adelante Gimnasia Artistica, Arboleas to meet Stacy Smith and some of her trainee gymnasts. F.A.C.E. were actually there to present a wedge, not of money, although it did cost €708, but a Gymnastic Wedge Mat that will assist in the training of the youngsters that use the gym.

The Adelante Gimnasia Artistica, Arboleas, is a non profit making organisation that is available for use for children throughout the local area.

It proved impossible to obtain the type of wedge that was required by the gymnasium in Spain, however F.A.C.E. was able to locate a manufacturer in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, they wanted to charge over €400 to ship it to Spain. However fortunately a knight in shining armour came to the rescue and F.A.C.E. would like to thank Les of DNL Transport who picked the wedge up in the United Kingdom and transported it back to Spain free of charge. 


Richard B. Tolman



 Trainer Stacy Smith with one of her pupils, demonstrates the use of the Gymnastic Wedge Mat.

Trainer Stacy Smith with one of her pupils, demonstrates the use of the Gymnastic Wedge Mat. Photograph Courtesy of David Elliott-Binns.

Dressed in pink - Left to Right - F.A.C.E. Committee Members Pauline Marshall, Nicki Wakeman, Carrie Green (President) and Gilly Elliott-Binns (Vice President) with Stacy Smith (centre) surrounded by pupils of the  Adelante Gimnasia Artistica, Arboleas 

  Charity Clothes Sale.

Members of F.A.C.E. (Fundraising in Arboleas, Caring for Everyone) were very pleased with the result of the clothes sale that was held recently at the Saturday Los Llanos Market in Arboleas. A total of €103-65 was raised. All the clothes had been donated by friends and supporters of F.A.C.E. and the pitch was donated by Jacqui and Jamie Durney of Android Man. This means the entire total of money will be used for future charitable causes.


New F.A.C.E. President Carrie Green said that she was very pleased with the first event organised under her stewardship and she would like to thank the donators, the supporters and the sponsors and Smooth fm Radio for all their assistance in making this event possible.


The next big event that F.A.C.E. will be organising will be the Annual Summer Fair, which will be held at the Hostel Meson in Arboleas, provisionally on Friday evening 23rd June.


If you would like further information on F.A.C.E. please take a look at Face Charity on Facebook or on pur Web Site at www.face-charity.com For contact please e-mail face-charity@hotmail.com



Richard B. Tolman  


 The Clothes Stall.

 From Left To Right - F.A.C.E. Committee Member Pauline Marshall, New President Carrie Green and Richard Tolman.

F.A.C.E.Valentine's Day Quiz. 

The ladies (and one gentleman) of F.A.C.E. (Fundraising in Arboleas, Caring for Everyone) organised a fabulous quiz night using St Valentine's as the main theme. 

The quiz was held on the night of St Valentine's, at the Bar Kubatin which is underneath the Hostel Meson in Arboleas.

The quiz master was F.A.C.E. Committee Member Zoe West, who along with new President Carrie Green, devised over 100 questions which related to St Valentine's Day and included questions on music, films general knowlege and literature. 

Eleven teams of between three and six persons entered the event. The winners of the Wooden Spoon "Carrie's Dusty Boots", comprising of Ann and Roger Green, Helen Simpson and Eleanor Tolman, actually created a record on this occasion as this was the fourth time they had the "honour" of collecting the Wooden Spoon. The winning team on the night was "The Paddles", comprising of Ann and David Steen, Ed and Linda Smyth Masson, Eve Morgan and Dave Walker, and they won a prize of €40. 

In addition to the quiz there was also a raffle for prizes that had been donated by some of F.A.C.E.'s supporters and sponsors. The charity would also like to thank the sponsors of each individual quiz round on the night. They were Smooth fm Radio, Angels Nursing Group, Sol Yoga Centre, Almerķa Bowling Centre and Total Entertainment of Albox and Arboleas.  

The main aim  was of course to raise money for the various charities which F.A.C.E. supports on an ongoing basis. In this they were successful in raising €311. However the winning "Paddles" team very graciously decided to donate their prize back to the charity, making the grand total raised € 351.  

For further information about F.A.C.E. please take a look at Face Charity on Facebook or on our Web Site at www.face-charity.com For contact please e-mail face.charity@hotmail.com  

 Richard B. Tolman

 Photographs attached


From top left

F.A.C.E. Committee Members - Left to Right - Zoe West (Question Master), Adele Wrigglesworth, President Carrie Green and Lorraine Cundy.

General view - The teams in play.

The Wooden Spoon Winner's - From Left to Right - Roger and Ann Green, President Carrie Green, Eleanor Tolman and Helen Simpson.

The Overall Winners - Left to Right - Ann and David Steen, Question Master Zoe West, President Carrie Green, Linda and Eddie Smyth Masson, Eve Morgan and Dave Walker. 

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