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Meet the Team

Adele Wrigglesworth

Adele Wrigglesworth F.A.C.E. President.
Adele was originally from the City of York, England. She is a trained hair stylist and manicurist and has worked on passenger liners travelling all over the world. She is married to husband Kevin and after honeymooning in Mojacar many years ago, decided that she adored the area and finally moved to Spain in 2003.
Adele's mother was responsible for Adele's pioneering Charity work in Spain. Her mother registered her for the first "MacMillian Biggest Coffee Morning  in southern Spain". As Adele had never done this type of work before, she enlisted a few friends and neighbours and the first charity event was under way. From these small beginnings and with much assistance from the late Mayor of Arboleas, Francisco Pérez Miras, the present day charity of F.A.C.E came into existence, and has since grown in to the organisation it is today.

Carrie Green

Carrie Green - Vice president
Carrie was born in Swindon, Wiltshire, She was an ABTA trained travel agent and as part of her career she was fortunate in the fact she was able to travel all over the world. She first moved to Spain in March 2000 with her partner Keith. She became involved in the first MacMillian Coffee Morning held at Los Garcias in September 2003 and has been involved in fund raising ever since. She is a keen devotee to Line Dancing and organises a Line Dancing Group called "Dusty Boots" which performs at various charity events throughout the region.

Sue Pearce - Treasurer

Sue joined the team in October 2012. She was born in London, but lived in Kent for many years. She worked in banking but decided she wanted to bring out her more artistic virtues, so she trained to become a florist. Sue moved to Spain in 2001 along with her husband Steve meaning to enjoy a sunnier and slower pace of life. In her spare time Sue enjoys gardening, skiing especially in the Sierra Nevada, furniture restoration and many crafts.

Pauline Marshall

Pauline Marshall 
Pauline lived in March, Cambridgeshire before moving to Spain with husband Les in 2003. She volunteered to assist Adele Wrigglesworth with a MacMillian Coffee morning in 2004 and found that she enjoyed the challenge of trying to raise money for needy and worthwhile causes. Hence she has remained as part of the F.A.C.E. Fund raising team throughout its fledgling days and helped to make it the charity group it is today.

Gilly Elliott-Binns 

Gilly Elliott-Binns

Gilly and her husband Dave moved to Spain in 2002. Her friend Carrie Green persuaded Gilly to assist at a Macmillan Coffee morning in September 2003 and Gilly has been on the money raising trail ever since. She has participated in most of the Macmillan/F.A.C.E. Events since the conception of the fund raising started. Gilly's main interests in life are Line Dancing, nature, yoga and her husband Dave. Not particularly in that order! She has appeared on stage at several of the F.A.C.E Christmas Markets and on the F.A.C.E Fun Days

Richard B Tolman

Richard B Tolman - Press Officer - Contact 950439003 or by e-mail tolmanours@aplinfo.es
Richard was born in Birmingham, but lived in the North East of England for 33 years. He worked in the oil transport industry in the Midlands for three years and then moved on to teach ice skating and produce ice shows in Durham City. Finally he worked for the Rank Organisation all over North East England and throughout Scotland for over 23 years. He moved with his wife Eleanor to Spain in September 2001 and says it is the best thing he has ever done. His interests here in Spain are Line Dancing, Driving and Gardening.

Lorraine Cundy.

Lorraine and her husband, David moved to Spain in 2005. Prior to this Lorraine worked as a social worker in Cardiff, South Wales. Since moving to Spain Lorraine keeps herself busy as a holistic massage therapist. Her other interests include art, crafts, amateur dramatics and spirituality. She is also a volunteer for APSA and was recently introduced to FACE by her friend, Pauline Marshall.

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